Adobe Sign Integration


Why integrate Adobe Sign with Checkbox?

Adobe Sign integration allows e-signatures to be collected digitally through Adobe Sign and saved on the Checkbox platform.


Who can integrate Adobe Sign to Checkbox?

Enabling Adobe Sign requires action from an Adobe Sign account holder, Checkbox Account Administrator. This enables Adobe Sign integration for all Reports the Checkbox Account Administrator has access to.

The following guide will assist you in setting up your AdobeSign account to integrate with the Checkbox platform.


How to Set Up Adobe Sign to enable integration with Checkbox


  • For the following steps, you must be a Adobe Sign account holder
  • Checkbox and AdobeSign must be open in the same browser in the following process

To configure and set up an Adobe Sign integration with Checkbox, the Adobe Sign account holder must:

  1. Obtain an integration key
  2. Create a webhook
  3. Enable hybrid routing

See the detailed instruction for each step below.

1. Obtain an Integration Key

  1. Log into your Adobe Sign account
  2. Go to the “Accounts” tab and navigate to “Access Token”  under “Personal Preferences”


  3. Click on the “+” icon and add a new integration key with permissions as per below:


The created key value can now be found by selecting a relevant entry in the table and pressing the “Integration Key” button. This key is later used in the “Integrations” tab on the Checkbox platform to connect to your Adobe Sign account.

Now continue following the instruction to create a webhook.


2. Create a Webhook

In order to allow Checkbox to receive updates regarding created Adobe Sign agreements a webhook should be created.

  1. Navigate to the “Webhooks” section under the “Personal Preferences” menu in the “Account” tab and press a “+” button.

  2. Enter your Webhook URL which is - https://{subdomain}, where {subdomain} is a prefix of your Checkbox environment.

    If you have an account specific Checkbox environment, your subdomain will be your company name. If you do not have an account specific Checkbox your subdomain will be “app”.

    Note: In the “Events” dropdown - select “Agreement All Events” option under “Agreement” section.

Choose additional Notification Parameters as per below:


 Now continue following the instructions to enable hybrid routing.


3. Enable Hybrid Routing

To allow your users to set an order in which recipients should sign an agreement, Hybrid Routing should be enabled in your account. 

  1. Navigate to the “Send Settings” section under the “Account Settings” menu in the “Account” tab and look for the “Signing Order” section.

Make sure that the “Allow senders to specify hybrid routing order” option is enabled like below:



Your Adobe Sign account is now configured to setup an Adobe Sign integration with Checkbox. Follow the next set of instructions to enable Adobe Sign with Checkbox.


How to enable Adobe Sign integration with Checkbox

Note: For the following steps, you must be a Checkbox Account Administrator to access the “Integrations” tab in Account Settings

  1. Log in to your Adobe Sign and copy your Integration Key onto your clipboard

  2. Log into Checkbox

  3. On the top right of the screen, click your username, then go to “Account Settings”


  4. Click the “Integrations” tab on the left panel

  5. Click on the E-signature Tab
  6. Add an Account

  7. Choose your preferred e-signature account - click on Adobe Sign
  8. At the bottom of the page, paste your Adobe Sign Integration Key collected in Step 1 in the provided field

  9. Click 'Save' to save all changes.

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