Checkbox V1.14.3, Released on 20/04/2020


Please read below for a description of all our new features and updates.


Mail-to Link in Rich Text Editor

Users now have the option to add a mail-to link to any text in all blocks with a rich text editor. 

Learn more about mail-to links


Zip File Download UX in Transcript for Uploaded Files

When downloading a .zip file of uploaded files from the transcript, users will now see a popup window to notify the user of the number of files being processed and the status of the download. Once the download has initiated, the popup window will close automatically after a short period of time.

Learn more about zip file downloads from transcript. 

New JS API - getESignInfo()

Users are now able to use the getESignInfo() API in the Javascript block to retrieve a list of information for all e-sign pages instantiated in the current assessment. The information shown includes:

  • PageID
  • Current e-signature status
  • Report name of signed document
  • Link to the signed document
  • Variable name of the original document

This feature is only available through a premium feature license.

Learn more about JavaScript APIs in our Wiki Article here.