Disable Workflow Email Notifications

Why would you disable workflow email notifications?

Users, especially those who may receive many emails, may prefer to avoid receiving workflow notification emails in their inboxes to complete assigned workflow tasks. 

By disabling all workflow email notifications, it is possible to free up their inboxes. Instead, users must complete assigned workflow tasks via the Project Team Dashboard.

Note: The workflow email notifications that are disabled, are the emails created within the specific Email Builder of each Workflow block. If the user has been reassigned as a workflow user, or is sent a reminder to complete an assessment by a Team Administrator of a Project Team, they will still receive an email notification, despite the workflow email notifications being disabled. Learn how to reassign a workflow user AND/OR Learn how to send a reminder.

How to disable workflow email notifications

  1. In Studio, click onto a Workflow block in your app.

  2. In the Property Editor on the right, check the “Disable workflow notification emails” checkbox to turn off all workflow notification emails from the selected Workflow block.

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for all other Workflow blocks you want to disable workflow notification emails from. This step is only for Apps that contain multiple Workflow blocks.


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