What is a SECTION block and why would you use it?
How to add sections in your App using SECTION blocks
Things to Keep in Mind


What is a SECTION block and why would you use it?

By using SECTION blocks users can create a progress bar where each SECTION block defines the beginning of each section. 

From the end user perspective inside an Assessment, they will see a progression bar showing past, current and future sections based on the sections defined by the Author

Therefore, SECTION blocks will provide end users with greater visibility of progress while in an Assessment.


How to add sections in your App using SECTION blocks

The order of sections can be adjusted in Studio by simply dragging-and-dropping Section blocks into your preferred sequence. Follow the instructions below to implement this.

  1. From the left panel of the Studio under the Workflow category, drag and drop a Section block

    Note: The Section block will initially appear as a red block with an error as it has not yet been assigned a section name. This will be further explored in Step 3


  2. Click into a Section block and add a section to the list by clicking ‘Add Section’.


  3. Name the section(s) added to the list (e.g. Stage 1, 2, 3..)

    Note: This list of sections will be shown the same way on every Section block. If a section is added, edited or deleted, every Section block will show these changes.

  4. Using the drop-down menu, select a section name that you want the Section block to be corresponding to


  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add more Sections

  6. Reorder the Section blocks in your application to divide and define each section. The blocks in between Section blocks will be defined as one section as shown below.


  7. Inside an assessment, the above will appear in the progress bar shown below

    Note: Past sections will be checked off, the current section will show its order number and future sections will be faded in grey. The order of the sections will be shown to the user regardless of whether assessment has been submitted or not.


Things to Keep in Mind:

  • It is recommended that Section blocks are used in the main route of the app rather than at points where the routes branch out into multiple paths or have a skipped routing branch as some end users may be skipping sections of the App depending on their responses. 
  • The purpose of the Section block and its progress bar feature is to show the high level progress of a user in an assessment as opposed to a detailed progress.



  • Only up to 10 sections can be added to the list of sections and therefore only 10 section blocks will be functional in your application.