Workflow Overview

Workflow is the execution and automation of business processes. In Checkbox, workflow enables assessments to be passed from one person to another person, or team, for either approval, or for the continuation of an assessment.

In Checkbox, there are two types of workflow blocks:

Workflow Block

The standard Workflow block has two sub-categories:

  • Approval Workflow
    Enables users to get an approval outcome (either ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’) from another user or Workflow Group, based on answers they have provided up to that point in the assessment.

  • Multi-User Assessment
    Enables users to hand over assessments to other users or Workflow Groups for completion.

Parallel Workflow

The Parallel Workflow block allows multiple stakeholders to be assigned unique sections of an assessment that they can complete simultaneously. Once the stakeholders have completed their assigned sections, the Sequence Workflow block is used to bring the assessment back to a linear format.