Set Up Workflow Groups

What is a Workflow Group?

A Workflow Group is a group of users, typically identified by business unit or function, that can either approve, or continue parts, of an assessment.


Why would you create Workflow Groups?

Workflow Groups need to be created to send approval workflows or to assign work to another user or group of users to continue completing an assessment.

 Typically, these Workflow Groups represent a particular department or team in the business. For example, you may create a Workflow Group for your legal department to approve an invoice created by your sales team.


  • Workflow Groups must first be set up by the author(s) of the particular app within the studio. The option to create these groups can be found by clicking the ‘+’ sign in the workflow block. E.g. creating a “Legal Team” workflow group is handled within the studio by the author.
  • To add users to this group, Team Administrators of each Project Team can assign Project Team members to Workflow Groups via the Project Team Dashboard (i.e. handled outside of the studio). Learn more about the Team Administrator permissions at Project Team User Permission Levels.
  • Whenever “Workflow Groups” are indicated as the next party to continue the assessment (as opposed to a singular user), all users assigned to a Workflow Group will receive a workflow email to continue the assessment. Once the app is continued by any user in the Workflow Group, other Workflow Group members ,that click on the emailed link, will be shown an error message. This is to avoid multiple approvers from reviewing the same assessment.

How to set up your Workflow Group

  • In your app Studio, click onto your Workflow block

  • a) To add a Workflow Group that would approve the already completed sections of your App, select the “Send for Approval” option and click onto the “+” icon


    b) To add a Workflow Group that would be assigned to continue completing your App, select the “Assign User” option, assign the next user by “Workflow Group” and click onto the “+” icon


  • Type in the name of your Workflow Group (e.g. Procurement Team) and click “CREATE”


    Note: Once you have created a Workflow Group in your Workflow block, the below error in your validator should be resolved.

  • Once you have finished building your app, publish your app and assign it to a Project Team

  • Go to the Project Team you have added your App to

  • To edit Workflow Groups, on the left panel, click into your respective App under “Apps” and click into “Workflow Groups”


  • Click “+Assign Users” to assign Project Team members into the workflow group you have created (e.g. Procurement Team)

    Note: To assign users into workflow groups, Team administrators must first add users to the Project Team.


Select the Project Team members you want to assign to your workflow group and click “CONFIRM”. You can also type their names or emails into the search bar.

Note: You can bulk add users into Workflow Groups by pasting in multiple emails that are separated by a comma. For example,,,



  • Every time a new version of the App is published, Team Administrators must re-assign Project Team members to Workflow Groups, as instructed in steps 1-8 above. This is because there is no guarantee that the previous Workflow Groups would exist in the newly published version of the App.
  • User names are arranged in alphabetical order.



Global Project Teams: Although Project Teams, with the option “Global Project Team” enabled, allow anybody within the account to run assessments, if there are any workflow elements in the App, the Team Administrator is still required to manually add users to the Project Team and to assign users into Workflow Groups.

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