Checkbox V1.16, Released on 9/06/2020

Please read below for a description of all our new features and updates.

1. CC Recipients for E-Sign

Through the E-Sign block, users can now be assigned the role of a “Signer” or “CC” recipient. If the Project Team is using the DocuSign account, CC recipients will receive e-signature emails after the Signers have signed the document.  If the Project Team is using the Adobe Sign account, CC recipients will initially receive a notification that they have been copied into the e-signature emails. Once the Signer has signed the document using Adobe Sign, the CC recipient will also receive the signed document. CC recipients are not able to sign the document. 

Learn more about the E-Sign block.

2. Project Team E-signature Account Configuration

Team Administrators can now change the e-signature account (i.e. Docusign Demo, Docusign Production or Adobe Sign) for each Project Team. By default, the Project Team e-signature configuration will be aligned with the company-wide configuration.

Learn more about the Project Team E-signature Configuration.

3. Support for Static Text and Variables for E-Signature Recipients 

In the E-sign block, static text, text variables and user picker variables are now supported to define recipients. List variables will remain supported to define multiple recipients in one field.

Learn more about the E-Sign block.

4. White Labelling Configuration

 Account Administrators can now configure white-labelling options for their company-wide environment. Account Administrators can now:

  • upload or update their company logo
  • upload or update their company favicon
  • specify navigation bar background colour and text colour
  • specify UI control background colour and text colour (e.g. buttons)

Learn more about White Labelling Configuration.

5. User Picker Support for Global Project Team

If the Project Team is toggled to be global, the user picker will now show all users in the account for the end-user to select inside an assessment.

Learn more about the User Picker.

6. View In-Progress Assessment Transcript

Team Administrators are now able to view the transcripts of in-progress assessments from the action menu in the List View Widget. 

Learn how to view in-progress assessment transcripts.


7. Show Current Owner in Preview

At the top of the page in Preview, the current owner will be shown to the App author to clearly understand  the journey of users who will be completing sections of the assessment in the workflow.

Learn more about Preview.

9. Export All Data 

In a Project Team, Team Administrators can now export all data from all assessments of an app into a .csv file, including all exposed and non-exposed data.

Learn more about Export Data.

10. Support Text Variables in URL

Text variables can now be referenced in the URL field of all blocks that have a rich text editor.

Learn more about adding URL links.

11. Studio Header and Block Description Changes

Page aliases in blocks have now been renamed as “Block Description” fields and are available in all blocks except LOOP and SECTION blocks.

Learn more about Headers and Block Descriptions.