Project Team: E-Signature Account Configuration


Why would you need to change your Project Team’s e-signature account?

For DocuSign, there exists a demo key and a production key. The demo key is typically used for Apps that are still in the building or testing phase while the production key is typically used for live deployed Apps. By allowing you to change your e-signature account per Project Team, you are able to separate Apps that are still in the testing phase and Apps that are live.


How to change your Project Team e-signature configuration

  1. Go to your Project Team and go to “Details”


  2. Using the “eSignature Account” drop-down, select the e-signature account of your choice.

    Note: By default, the Project Team will use the same e-signature account selected in the Account Settings. For example, if “DocuSign Demo” is the active account in the Account Settings, the drop-down selection in the Project Team details will show and be set as “Default - DocuSign Demo”. See example below.


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