Why would you use Preview?

Previews are accessed through the App Studio to preview the flow of your App from the end-user perspective. App authors typically use Previews while building their App to ensure they have designed and built their App as intended.

Previews can also be used when demonstrating an App. At the top of the page in Preview, the current owner will be shown to the App author to clearly understand the journey of users who will be completing sections of the assessment in a workflow. See example below of Jane Smith who is the initial and current owner of the assessment.




How to Preview your App

  1. On the navigation bar, click on the “Apps” tab and search your desired 


  2. Click on “Studio”


  3. Click on “Preview” from the toolbar at the top of the Studio




  • The link inside a workflow email sent to the recipients in Preview will not function to pick up and re-enter the Preview. However, please note that in Preview, the App author is able to view the entire user journey of all stakeholders in a workflow without having to use the link inside a workflow email.