Export Assessment Data

Why would you want to export data?

Although Checkbox provides you with a range of options to manipulate and present your data with our Widgets and Dashboard features, our data export functionality allows you to leverage your existing BI Tools like Power BI, Tableau, or even Microsoft Excel to build your very own custom reporting. Our Export Data feature allows you to download only the exposed variables in an App or all data including unexposed variables for your very own data manipulation.


How to export specific data from assessments

To export specific data from assessments, the respective variables must first be exposed. Learn more about exposing variables.

Note: Only data from completed assessments can be exported.

  1. In your Project Team, select your respective App and go to “Import and Export”


  2. Click “Export Data” and select “Exposed Only”


    Note: When exporting assessments of an app that contains LIST variables, the LIST variables will be expanded so that each list item occupies its own row and the other field entries are repeated for these number of rows.

    The following example displays people with multiple Contact Numbers.



How to export all data

  1. In your Project Team, select your respective App and go to “Import and Export”


  2. Click “Export Data” and select “All Data”

    Note: All data from completed assessments including exposed and unexposed variables will be downloaded as a .csv file inside a .zip file.



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