Email Approval

Why would you use Email Approvals?

Email Approvals are only available to be implemented for Approval Workflows. By enabling Email Approvals, approvers will no longer be required to sign into Checkbox to approve an Assessment. They are able to simply click on “Approve”, “Reject” or “Send Back” buttons to make a decision. These buttons in emails are supported both on desktop and mobile. See example below.


Note: Approvers cannot add comments when approving from the workflow approval email. To keep the option to add comments, it is best practice to keep the [[current_assessment_url]] in the email body so that approvers are able to navigate and log into Checkbox to leave a comment before approving or rejecting an approval request.




What are the email approval options?

Email approval buttons are created by inserting meta variables in the email builder of a WORKFLOW block in the “Email to Approver” template.

Meta variables include:

  • Approve button - [[approve_button]]
  • Reject button - [[reject_button]]
  • Send back button - [[sendback_button]]

Note: The reject button can still be added to the email, however, to allow the reject button to function as expected, you must have enabled the rejection branch in your WORKFLOW block


What happens when the approver clicks onto one of the approval buttons?

The approver will be redirected to a page confirming their decision.

For example, if the approver clicked on “Approve”, they will be directed to the following page:




Note: The Email Approval buttons will instantly initiate once clicked without any confirmation notice. It is advised that the approver carefully makes their decision.

If the approver has already processed their decision, and clicks onto one of the approval buttons, they will be redirected to a landing page explaining that “This approval request has already been processed.”.



How to add Email Approvals for Workflow

  1. In Studio, click onto a Workflow block and click “Email Builder”


  2. Only in the “Email to Approver” template, add the following relevant meta tags to create action buttons in the workflow email.Only in the “Email to Approver” template, add the following relevant meta tags to create action buttons in the workflow email.

    • [[approve_button]]
    • [[reject_button]]
    • [[sendback_button]]

    Notes: Not all meta tags above are required to be added. However, it is best practice to do so.


  3. To provide context to the approver, reference important details that will help approvers make a decision. Learn more about variables AND/OR see the list of all meta variables that can be used in workflow emails.

    Example: For a risk assessment App, the level of risk calculated and other relevant information should be referenced in the email for the approver to make a decision to approve, reject or send back.

    Note: It is recommended that you still include the [[current_assessment_url]] meta variable in case the approver wishes to log-in and gain more context of the assessment they are approving. See example below.


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