Connect Your App from the Checkbox Word Add-In


To connect your App to your Checkbox Word Add-In you must first retrieve the Unique App Code that will retrieve and load all variables from your App into your Microsoft Word. 


  • To utilise the Checkbox Word Add-in, the Word document must be in .docx format
  • The following steps will assume that you have already added the Checkbox Word Add-In in your Word app. Get the Checkbox Word Add-In here.


How to connect your App to the Checkbox Word Add-In

  1. In Studio, click onto a “Doc Gen” block.

  2. On the right panel, check the ‘Use docx template’ checkbox and copy the “Unique App Code” to your clipboard


  3. If you are using the Checkbox Word Add-In for the first time, click the “Enter Unique App Code” button and paste the Unique App Code into the Checkbox Word Add-In on Word and click “Connect”.

    If you are a returning user of the Checkbox Word Add-In, go to the “Settings” tab to paste the Unique App Code OR Switch App to paste a new Unique App Code for another App.


  4. Select the report file name you are referring to using the drop-down menu


  5. Once the App is connected, go to the “Insert Tags” tab and you will notice that all variables from your app have been retrieved in the first drop-down menu.


  6. You will also notice that you can insert Rule Tags from the second drop-down menu


    Learn how to insert tags in the Checkbox Word Add-In next

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