Validate tags in the Checkbox Word Add-In


Why would you validate your tags in your Word document?

Despite being able to insert tags with the correct syntax, there is always a risk of having syntax errors. By using the ‘Validate Tag’ function, you can now scan and pinpoint syntax errors in the document. The validator describes the error to help fix the syntax errors and minimise the room for error in the document template before uploading to the Doc Gen block. 


See the full list of errors you can get in the validator of the Checkbox Word Add-In. 


How to validate tags

  1. Go to the “Validate Tag” tab in your Checkbox Word Add-In on Word

  2. On the right panel, click on the green “Validate” button to scan for syntax errors in the document

  3. Read and click onto the syntax error(s) that appear in the validator box to pinpoint the issue on the document


  4. If you click into a Condition Rule Tag syntax error, the validator will also give you the option to replace the condition variable
  5. If the condition variable needs replacement, select the new variable from the drop-down menu

  6. Click “Replace” to replace the variables




  • Only tags enclosed in double curly brackets ‘{{}}’ and the corresponding placeholder conditions and contents are validated
  • Metavariables in double curly brackets '{{}}' will not be validated in the validator
  • DocuSign tags with double square brackets ‘[[]]’ will not be validated in the validator
  • Invalid variables detected in the footer cannot be replaced using the "REPLACE" functionality

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