Embed Public Assessments with iFrame tags


Why would you use iFrame tags?

Using iframe tags, you can now embed public Assessments onto your website page to allow users to directly run assessments on your website without having to access a public Assessment URL. 

Note: The checkbox navigation bar, assessment navigation bar and comments at the bottom of assessments will not be shown when using iFrame. See example below - only the section within the red rectangle will be shown using iframe. 




How to create and embed an iFrame tag

  1. Create a public Assessment by creating an external Project team. Learn how here.

  2. Go to your Project Team and click onto the App with the public Assessment

  3. Copy the generated public Assessment URL and store it somewhere for access later on (e.g. on a posted note)

  4. Copy the following iframe tag code and only change the following:

    1. Replace insertPublicAssessmentURLHere with public Assessment URL in step 3 and
    2. Replace enterTitleNameHere with a desired title


    • Please ensure that all quotation marks used are straight quotes and not smart (curly) quotes as this will cause errors (i.e. do not change the formatting of the quotation marks in the code below).
    • The title can be anything to describe the link in the iframe tag. It will not be shown to users.
    • Adjusting the width and the height of the iframe is optional.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <p align="center">
    <iframe src="insertPublicAssessmentURLHere" width="800" height="600" title="enterTitleNameHere">


  5. Embed the iframe tag onto your website page via HTML

    Note: Learn how to embed iframe tags manually on (but not limited to):