Checkbox V1.17, Released on 9/07/20


Please read below for a description of all our new features and updates.


1. Checkbox Word Add-In

We have released the first version of the Checkbox Word Add-In to help our users build rich style document templates more easily. Through the Checkbox Word Add-In, users can insert and validate tags with the correct syntax inside rich style document templates in their Microsoft Word application. This minimises any syntax errors inside rich style documents. The Checkbox Word Add-In can be downloaded from Microsoft Appsource for free. Microsoft Word Online and Word Desktop apps are supported.

Learn more about the Checkbox Word Add-In.


2. Unique App Code for Word Add-In

When uploading a rich style document template, Doc Gen blocks will generate a Unique App Code that would allow users to connect their Checkbox App from the Microsoft Word application through the Checkbox Word Add-In.

Learn more about the Checkbox Word Add-In.

3. iFrame for Public Assessments

You can now embed Public Assessments onto sections of a website page, portal, or intranet using iFrame tags.

Learn more on iFrame for Public Assessments.


4. Email Approval for Workflows

Users are now able to insert the following tags in approval workflow emails:

  • [[approve_button]]
  • [[reject_button]]
  • [[sendback_button]]

Using the above, approvers can now approve, reject or send back an Assessment inside the workflow email without logging into the Checkbox platform.

Learn more about Email Approvals for Workflows.

5. Full Text Colour Options in RTE

In the rich text editor of Paragraphs in FORM blocks, the user can now change the colours of text by selecting a text colour from a full colour palette or insert HEX or RGB codes.

6. Bulk Add Users to Workflow Groups

When adding users to a Workflow Group, users can now add multiple users via email addresses separated by a comma. For example,,,

Learn more about Workflow Groups.


7. New Meta Variable - [[project_team_name]]

Users can now use the [[project_team_name]] meta variable to display the Project Team name of the current assessment. 

See the entire List of Meta Variables available on Checkbox.


8. Project Team UI Enhancements

The UI for the Project Team Dashboard has been simplified. Users are now also able to create new Assessments from the List View Widget on the Project Team Dashboard.


9. White Labelling Configuration UI Enhancements

More directions have been added in the White Labelling configuration page for easier use. Users can now also upload favicons in the .png file format.

Learn more about White Labelling Configuration.