Checkbox v1.18, Released on 5/08/20


1. Strengthen Auto-Saving Feature

All user inputs during an Assessment will now be automatically saved incrementally once it is typed into the relevant field to ensure that there is no data lost when the browser is closed, internet connection is lost or page is refreshed etc.


2. Copy and Paste FORM fields

All fields in the FORM block can now be copied and pasted into the same FORM block or across to other FORM blocks within the same App.

Learn more about FORMs.


3. Drag-and-Drop FORM fields

Users can now drag-and-drop FORM fields to easily insert a new field between existing fields on the form page.

Learn more about FORMs.


4. Alphabetical Arrangement of Users in Workflow Groups

User names in Workflow Groups are now arranged in alphabetical order.

Learn more about Workflow Groups.


5. Underbars for Project Team and App in the Navigation Bar

Underbars have now been included under ”Project Teams” and ”Apps” in the top navigation bar to ensure users are aware that they are currently in the Project Team or App section of the platform.