FORM Block Basics


Available FORM Fields

You can add the following field types into your FORM:

Field Description Example Use Cases
Paragraph Displays text that requires no user input
  • Labels
  • Questions or prompts for user input
Text Input Prompts end user input that can contain a mix of alphabetical and numerical characters
  • Collecting end user information (name, email etc)
Number Input Prompts end user input containing only numeric characters
  • Collecting financial information
Dropdown Prompts the end user to select an item from a drop-down list
  • Selecting 4 or more options (e.g. Titles - Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr etc)
Radio Prompts the end user to select from multiple choice options
  • Selecting 2-4 options (e.g. Dog or Cat)
Date Prompts the end user to select a date from a calendar
  • Collecting date of birth of end user, contract start and end date etc

Prompts the end user to select a numerical input on a sliding scale

  • Collecting end user rating (e.g. 8/10)
Checkbox Prompts the end user to check or uncheck a checkbox. Variable is either ticked or not (i.e CBX1 == "TRUE" or CBX2 == "FALSE")
  • Single option to confirm a detail or not (check or unchecked)
File Upload Allows the end users to upload files. Uploaded files can also be viewed in the transcript. Learn more
  • Upload supporting documents
User Picker Allows the end user to select a Team Member of the Project Team for any workflow actions. Learn more
  • Assigning next user in a workflow App


How to add, arrange and configure fields

  1. Click on your FORM block



  3. Drag in or click onto the desired field in the left panel. See video below

    Note: If you click to add a desired field from the left panel inside your FORM BUILDER, it will automatically be inserted at the bottom of all existing fields. To rearrange the order, simply drag and drop the fields into the desired order.

  4. Click on a field that has been added and set field labels and selection options in the Property Editor on the right panel. See video below



How to copy and paste FORM input fields

All fields in the FORM block can be copied and pasted into the same FORM block or across to other FORM blocks within the same App.

  1. Inside the FORM builder in Studio, right click onto a field and click “Copy”


  2. Right click onto the field again and click “Paste Above” or “Paste Below” depending on your preferred order to insert the copied field



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