2. Creating Your No-Code Solution And Accessing The Studio


How to Create an Solution and Access the App Studio

Author Permissions Required

Note that you must have permission to Create Solutions in your Checkbox Account. If you do not see the 'Solutions' tab in your top navigation bar once you've logged in, please contact your Checkbox Administrator or certifications@checkbox.ai to get the relevant access.

Note: If you have already created a Solution, skip to step 3.

  1. To access Checkbox go to your Checkbox home page - our general login page can be accessed here. If you have a Checkbox account through your company, you can access Checkbox through your company login page.
  2. From the Checkbox home page, Click onto the “Solutions” tab on the navigation bar and click “+ New Solution”


  3. Enter the required details


    Note: While 'Solution Description' is an optional field, it's always best practice to enter a brief description of your use-case here. When you return to the solution later, this will make it easy to remember what your solution was about.

  4. Once you click 'Next', the following screen will let you know that your Solution will be created and you will be redirected into the App Studio. Click 'Create Solution' to continue.


  5.  Welcome to the App Studio! 


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