Checkbox Dictionary


The following table defines all terms unique to Checkbox:

Term Definition
Account Administrator A Checkbox user that has access to configure user management, integrations and white labelling for the account

App Software tool built in the Checkbox Studio

Assessment A run through of a deployed App


A user who is building an App

Conditions A written combination of variables and operators used to build smart forms and documents

Deploy To internally or externally distribute a published App that has been assigned to a Project Team

End User

A user who is running through an Assessment


Symbols that allow for arithmetic, comparison, and logical operations

Private Assessment

An Assessment that can only be accessed as a user of an internal Project Team in a Checkbox account

Project Team

Allows for the internal or external deployment of a published App to end users, and can help Team Administrators access and analyse Assessment data

Property Editor

The right panel in the App Studio that helps you change the content and behaviour of a selected block

Public Assessment

A run through of a published App that has been externally deployed through an external Project Team

Publish (App)

An App that is ready for deployment and can be assigned to a Project Team. Published versions of the App can no longer be edited

Team Administrator

A user in a Project Team who has the permissions to manage other users and their permission levels as well as the Assessments in a Project Team
Team Member Any user inside a Project Team
User An individual who has access to the Checkbox platform through a valid account

Variable Variables are labels for any data items captured from end-users that can be referenced to be displayed or manipulated later in the App

Widget A graphical interface, designed to display information to the user, typically graphs and list view tables displayed on the Project Team Dashboards in Checkbox