Checkbox v1.19, Released on 26/10/20

1. Data Validation

New data validation options have been added to validate end user inputs in FORM fields.  These include: 

  • Text Input - Length, Regular Expression 
  • Number Input - Minimum and maximum range 
  • Date - Set optional date range by date variable 
  • File Upload - Users can now limit the file types. File type options include: 
    • All file types 
    • Document Files Only (PDF, DOCX, DOC) 
    • Image Files Only (JPEG, PNG, SVG) 
    • Spreadsheet Files Only (XLSX, XLS, CSV)

Learn more about Data Validation. 


2. Column-based Search in List View Widgets

In the List View widget of an App in a Project Team, the quick search field has been replaced with a column-based search field. Users have the option to hide or show these column-based search fields.

The List View widget is only available through a premium feature license. 

Learn more about Searching and Filtering Assessments.


3. New UI Design for Project Team and App Pages 

The UI for the Project Team and App pages have been updated for a cleaner and flatter look and feel. A new colour scheme has also been incorporated for the chart widgets.