Australian Business Number (ABN) Lookup

Premium Checkbox Feature

Usage of this feature requires account access to Premium Checkbox features. For queries related to your licence agreement, ask your account administrator to contact your Checkbox Account Manager.

What does an ABN lookup do?

By using the ABN Lookup JS snippet in the FORM block, the end user can insert an ABN number into an input field in a FORM page to automatically retrieve and populate the official legal name of the entity into a separate field. As this is an API call to official Australian government ABN sources, it ensures that it minimises the risk of spelling errors and incorrect legal names in sensitive documents such as contracts and agreements. 

Plug-and-Play: ABN Lookup

It is recommended that you have read the Custom JavaScript Introduction to follow the below instructions.

  1. Request a JS snippet from your Checkbox Customer Success Manager.

  2. Generate a Global Unique Identifier (GUID) here:

    Notes: Please ensure that you read and understand the limitations of the web services and follow the prompt to accept the web services agreement in order to complete the registration form. Once your registration has been approved, you will receive a GUID.

  3. Once your registration has been reviewed and have received a GUID, open the requested JS snippet in Step 1 and replace “Enter_your_generated_GUID_here” with your GUID. 

    • Please remember to wrap your GUID with “ “.
    • The JS snippet may appear differently in colour depending on the code editor and colour scheme used. If you do not have a code editor, download Visual Studio Code here: or your chosen code editor. Any code editor is sufficient and should not affect the JS snippet.

  4. In the FORM block, go to the JavaScript tab in the Property Editor and upload the ABN Lookup JS snippet that has been requested in Step 1 and updated to include the GUID as instructed in Step 2 and 3.


  5. Inside the FORM, create 2 Text Input fields where the variable name of the field to capture the ABN number from the must be named “ABN” while the variable name of the field to auto-populate the legal name of the entity must be named “ABNCompanyName”. See the screenshot below to refer to as an example.

    • It is best practice to include a message in the field that will be auto-populated to ensure the end user is aware of the functionality. For example, "(This field will be auto-populated once the ABN is entered above)". See screenshot below.
    • A Number Input can also be used to capture the ABN number from the end user but the variable name must also be named “ABN”. It is also best practice ensure that the formatting of the Number Input does not include decimal points for beautification purposes.


  6. [Optional] If other variable names is preferred to be used, you must edit the JS snippet manually in the areas shown in the screenshot below. However, this is not recommended to avoid any errors in the JS snippet upon execution.

    Note: If this edit is made, you must re-upload the updated JS snippet to the corresponding FORM block as per step 4.