1. Getting started!



Welcome to Checkbox's Certification Expert Program!



Why hello there, Pioneer.


Welcome to the Checkbox Certifications Program – it’s great to have you onboard! 

By completing this program, you’ll be able to:

  1. I​nterpret simple business requirements for a Checkbox App;
  2. Use Checkbox functionality, such as Forms, Emails and Tables, to automate information intake and manipulation;
  3. Use workflow functionality to automate a simple multi-user business process;
  4. Leverage in-app user inputs to generate an automated bespoke document;
  5. Deploy a functioning Checkbox App to end-users through Project Teams


This guide is the map for your adventure – it tells you about the treasure you’re looking for and gives you all the tools you’ll need to find it. Read on to get started!


Happy Building :)
Checkbox Certifications Team