2. Project Brief



You are a Business Systems Analyst at CheckIt, a company that has just purchased an enterprise Checkbox License. 

Senior Management has just announced that their first high-priority strategic initiative using Checkbox will automating the Performance Review Process. This process was chosen as a key area of improvement for the following reasons:

  1. High volume of complaints 
    Received about the process, specifically around inconsistency of use -quality of output was drastically different between managers
  2. Under utilisation in BAU
    70% of employees said they felt the performance review “had little to no relevance to their daily role,” contributing to high rates of staff turnover.
  3. Manager-centric process
    The old template was filled out by the manager and simply given to the direct report to sign, creating an unbalanced power dynamic and leaving direct reports somewhat disenfranchised with the process.

All that's left is for you to get started by:

  1. Reading through Section 3 to get a sense of the process structure + download the document template you'll be automating

  2. Head to your Checkbox account to start building your app! As you’re building, refer to support.checkbox.ai if you need to refresh your memory on any Checkbox features.
    The P&C team has also put together the content wording for key emails and pages in section 4, so make sure you incorporate that into your app.

  3. Check out section 5 for our certifications marking criteria, and then section 6 to get certified!