4. Marking Criteria


Almost there! These are the key items the certifications team will be looking for – try to check these off before you proceed to the submission guide


Learning Objective 1

Interpret simple business requirements for a Checkbox App

  1. App correctly sequenced in accordance with process map provided
  2. App captures all fields specified in updated performance review template

Learning Objective 2

Use basic Checkbox functionality, such as Forms, Emails and Tables, to automate information intake and manipulation

  1. Form blocks and table blocks with appropriate elements used to collect direct report responses and manager comments
  2. Direct report responses referenced correctly for manager to see in their section
  3. Bespoke advice for manager is dynamically displayed based on direct report's response to remuneration questions
  4. Emails correctly set up to trigger to all relevant stakeholders specified in content wording

Learning Objective 3

Use basic workflow functionality to automate a simple multi-user business process

  1. User picker from workflow group is utilised in form and workflow block to send assessment to manager
  2. Workflow block is correctly set up to assign to manager (as opposed to send for approval)
  3. Workflow email is customised as per Email 2 under Key Content Wording

Learning Objective 4

Leverage in-app user inputs to generate an automated bespoke document

  1. Final Performance Review Document correctly generates, with conditional fields appropriately hidden/shown
  2. Guidance notes and other formatting removed, document appears consistently (no strange gaps or large spaces)

Learning Objective 5

Deploy a functioning Checkbox App to end-users through Project Teams

  1. All app pathways and conditional fields function as expected (no errors in retrieving next page)
  2. Internal Project Team utilised to deploy published version of app