Add Static Image to the Rich Text Editor

What is a rich text editor?
Why add a static image?
Where can static images be added?
How to add a static image


What is a rich text editor? 

A rich text editor is a text box that allows users to format their static texts and add hyperlinks, tooltips and images.

A typical rich text editor in Checkbox will look like the following:



Why add a static image?

Adding a static image allows you to visually customise your App.


Where can static images be added?

Static images can be added and aligned in:

  • Paragraph fields in FORM block
  • YN
  • LIST
  • END blocks
  • Email Builder for the EMAIL block (but it can only be aligned to the left)

How to add a static image

  1. Navigate to a rich text editor (e.g., Paragraph field in a FORM block)


  2. Click onto the image icon

  3. Select and upload an image to the rich text editor

    Note: Supported image files types include .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .svg with a size less than or equal to 10MB.


  4. Re-align the image as you see fit using the alignment icons in the toolbar (i.e., left, centre and right alignment)

    Note: By default, static image uploaded in the rich text editor will be aligned to the left


  5. Adjust the dimensions of the image you uploaded by clicking and dragging the width of the image

  • By default, the image will be uploaded with the original image dimensions
  • When resizing the image, the image will maintain the width proportionate to the height in scale
  • The image size in the RTE or FORM block does not reflect the real size that will be displayed to the end user. Please check the image size using Preview and adjust accordingly.