Checkbox v1.22, Released on 11/2/21


1. Decision Table Block 

Using the new Decision Table block, the App Author can now manipulate end user data to create conditional output variables without the use of IF functions. App Authors can add up to 10 input and output variables in a single Decision Table block. The generated output variables must be either Text or Number variables.

Learn more about the Decision Table Block.


2. Autocomplete for Conditions

In the condition fields of routes, FORM fields, LOOP break conditions and FILTER blocks, the App Author can now utilise autocomplete to formulate conditions. Autocomplete for condition fields of input fields in MERGE and LOOP blocks are not supported.

Learn more on Autocomplete.


3. Static Image Inside the Rich Text Editor

App Authors can now insert, resize and align static images with a file size less than 10MB inside the rich text editor (RTE). Static images inserted inside the email body of EMAIL blocks will always be aligned to the left and cannot be realigned. Users cannot insert static images in WORKFLOW emails.

Learn more on how to Add Static Images inside RTE.


 4. Autocomplete for Variables in WORKFLOW Block

The autocomplete of variables are now also supported in the fields to assign a workflow to the next internal user or external user in the WORKFLOW block.

The feature to assign a workflow to the next external user is only available through a premium feature licence.

Learn more on Autocomplete.


5. Rename variables in MERGE, FILTER and JS Block

Output lists of MERGE and FILTER blocks and output variables in JS blocks can now be renamed via the editable text box.

The JS block is only available through a premium feature licence.

Learn more about renaming Variables.


6. JS Block Enhancement

The output variables in the JS block can now be exposed. Also, both the input and output fields of the JS block have now been labelled.

This feature is only available through a premium feature licence.

Learn more about the JS Block.


7. New meta variable [[reference]]

The new [[reference]] meta variable prints the reference ID of the current Assessment when referenced.

See the full List of Meta Variables.


8. UI/UX Enhancements 

The "View Doc" page accessed from the List View Widget now has a seamless UI/UX to load the generated document(s) of the Assessment for download. Also, the field validation for the date picker now has now been sectioned clearly in the Property editor via a border.