Export/Import Solutions

When should you export and import Solutions?

Exporting and importing Solutions can be thought of as duplicating Solutions. A common use case includes when there are similar Solutions that need to be created based on its existing Apps, Widgets, Dashboards and Scheduled Tasks. This allows you to not have to create the Solution from scratch and begin with a template.


How to export a Solution

  1. Navigate to the Solution you wish to export

  2. On the left panel, go to the "Versions & Publishing" tab

  3. For the Solution version you wish to export, click onto the 3 dotted icon under the "Actions" column

  4. Click "Export" to generate a single-use export code

    Note: Export codes are single-use (i.e. once the export is used to import the App, the export code will no longer work another time).

  5. Copy the export code to your clipboard

  6. To import the Solution, follow the next set of steps


How to import a Solution

Note: To import an Solution, you need to have a working export code (shown above).

  1. Hover over the "SOLUTIONS" tab on the navigation bar

  2. Click on "+ Create New Solution"

  3. In the popup, click on the "Import Solution" tab

  4. Paste your copied export code and confirm creations