Data App Overview

Premium Checkbox Feature

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What is a Data App?

Data Apps are systems of record that enable the storage, retrieval, and update of data using a single form.


Can data be retrieved from the Data App from another App?

Yes. By using the Lookup field in the FORM block, users can retrieve data from the Data App.


Can data be added to the Data App from another App?

Unfortunately, data inputs cannot be added to the Data App from a separate App. Data must be inputted either manually by a user or in bulk via importing data.


What are some example use cases for Data Apps?

Common use cases revolve around data storage and referencing data.

Data storage examples:

  • Legal - Store and maintain a list of adjudicators that need to be updated when necessary
  • Human Resources – Storing and maintain contractor information in a single location
  • Procurement - Store and maintain list of vendors that need to be updated on a regular basis

Reference data examples (via the Lookup field):

  • Pre-fill commonly used data (e.g. Personal details)
  • Audit - ongoing audit over a long period of time and revisit previous audit data on a regular basis
  • Human Resources – Looking up different candidate details stored in a Data App from a Flow App for EOI, referrals and performance reviews
  • Workflow – approvers or system owners to assign as an Approver