Lookup Field

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What is a Lookup Field?

A Lookup field is a field that allows one App to look up data from another App within the same Solution.


When would you use Lookup fields?

Lookup fields should be used to retrieve data from a separate App within the same Solution to then automatically fill in the current App. Lookup fields can be used in both Flow and Data Apps.

Important Note: The variables being retrieved from the source App must be exposed for the Lookup field to register the variable when mapped.

Common use cases include:

Reference data examples (via the Lookup field):

  • Prefill commonly used data (e.g. Personal details)
  • Audit - ongoing audit over a long period of time and revisit previous audit data on a regular basis
  • Human Resources – Looking up different candidate details stored in a Data App from a Flow App for EOI, referrals and performance reviews
  • Workflow – approvers or system owners to assign as an Approver


How to configure a Lookup Field


  • The following set of instructions will demonstrate how to configure a Lookup field in a FORM block of a Flow App. However, the same set of instructions from steps 3- is applicable when configuring a Lookup field in a Data App.
  • It will also assume that you already have a separate App in the same Solution that you wish to retrieve data from.
  1. Navigate to a FORM block in the App Studio of a Flow App

  2. Click "OPEN FORM BUILDER" to configure the FORM block

  3. From the left panel, drag in or click onto the "Lookup" field

  4. In the Property Editor (right panel), using the initial "Lookup Source App" dropdown, select the App you wish to retrieve data from

  5. In the "Match with Key Variable in Source App", select the variable in the separate App you wish to use as the trigger to retrieve the rest of the related data

  6. In the "Map variables between this Form and Source App" drop-downs, select the variables you wish to pre-fill values with the variables from the separate App

    Note: The variables that are matched and mapped must be of the same variable type (i.e. NUM variables in one App can only be matched by NUM variables from the other App)

  7. Click "+Add Variables" to create more mapped variables and repeat step 6 until satisfied

  8. In the "Columns to display in lookup result" dropdown, select the columns you wish to show when the lookup results show from the Lookup field when the user enters a matching key variable

  9. Click "+Add Columns" to add more columns to display when lookup results are shown and repeat step 8 until satisfied