Create a Solution

How to create a Solution

  1. Hover over the "SOLUTIONS" tab on the navigation bar and click "+ Create New Solution"

    Alternatively, from the Checkbox home page, click onto the “SOLUTIONS” tab on the navigation bar to access the Solutions listing page and click the “+ New Solution" button

  2. Enter the required details and click "NEXT"

  3. You will now see a notification popup to inform you that you will be redirected to the App Studio

    Note: A flow App will automatically be created when a Solution is created

  4. You have successfully created a Solution with its initial flow App! You can now either start building your App or click on "Finish Editing" in the toolbar to navigate to your new Solution.

    Note: To create an additional App in a Solution, you must have a premium feature licence to allow Solutions to have multiple Apps. Learn how to create an additional App.