Versioning Solutions

Why does Checkbox have a versioning system?

Checkbox has a versioning system to manage multiple iterations of a Solution. When creating a new version of a Solution, you can choose to inherit any previous versions to continue making iterations without overwriting these previous versions.


When should you create a new version of a Solution?

  1. When you want to save a snapshot of a particular version.

    It is best practice to keep track of the changes made since the components of a Solution including Apps can be altered by a number of different users and the changes may not be immediately apparent. This can be done by creating another version once you have made significant progress and need to back up this work.

  1. When you need to create a copy of a version that has already been publish or tested.

    Published versions of Solutions cannot have their Dashboards or App-related configurations edited. Therefore, to make changes to a published version of an dashboard or App, you must create a new editable version of the Solution that inherits the published version.


How to create a new Solution version

  1. Navigate to the Solution you wish to create a new version for

  2. On the left panel, click onto the "Versions & Publishing" tab

  3. Click onto the "+New Version" button that will inherit the Solution version you want to copy. This creates an identical but editable version of the Solution you're inheriting.

    Note: Use descriptive Version Names and Version Descriptions so it is easily understandable in the future.
    + For example, Version 1.0 might have the description "Section 1-3 Completed". 


How to view the different Solution versions

  1. Navigate to the Solution you wish to create a new version for

  2. At the top of the left panel, under "Currently Viewing", select the version you wish to view using the drop-down

    Note: If the version you are viewing is published, it will have the "(read-only)" label. If the versions you are viewing is being tested, it will have the "(testing)" label. All other versions will have the "(editable)" label.