Controlling end user access and permissions to Apps

Once an App has been deployed to a Project Team, Team Owners can configure various levels of access and permissions for end users as needed for your use case.

Checkbox supports both role based and app based permissions for end users.


What is the difference between "Default Role Permissions" and "Member Specific Permissions"?

By default, every user in a Team will belong to a given role, typically a team 'Member'. For each App in your team, you can configure the default level of access for all users who are Members.

You can override the default role permissions by setting Member specific permissions. In the screenshot above, John Smith as a Member, should only be able to 'Create and Edit own Assessments' for this App based on the default Member permissions granted.

However, because the Team Owner has set a member specific permission for John Smith, he can additionally view all assessments as well.


Group Sharing Permissions

Group sharing permissions allow users, within the same user groups, to view and edit one another's assessments and files.

To activate group sharing, a user group must be added to the project team via the "Team Members" tab before the group sharing toggle is switched on.

Scenarios for when this is useful include:

  1. When user groups want to progress absent member's assessments: Group sharing allows other team members to re-assign and continue assessments of absent user group members.
  2. When user groups want to share assessments: Group sharing allows team members to view and edit work across the entire team, without seeing the assessments of other users within the same project team.

Additionally, a widget filter setting under "Owner", with the value "groups that include [me]" can be used to create dashboards for personas within the user group.

For example, team leads that want to see and edit all assessments of members in the user group, will want this new widget filter turned on in their widgets. Team members who may only be responsible for their own assessments, would not have this filter.



Permission levels and actions allowed

Permission View data Create assessment Edit assessment Delete Assessment View Transcript & Documents Change Assignee Send Reminders
Edit own assessments Own No Own Own Own No No
Create & edit own assessments Own Yes Own Own Own No No
Create, Edit own & view all assessments All Yes Own Own All No No
Team Owner All Yes Own All All Yes Yes