Create and configure a Data App

Premium Checkbox Feature

Usage of this feature requires account access to Premium Checkbox features. For queries related to your licence agreement, ask your account administrator to contact your Checkbox Account Manager.

How to create a Data App

  1. Navigate to the Solution you wish to create the Data App for

  2. On the left panel next to the "Apps" heading, click onto the "+" icon to create a new App

  3. In the popup, select "DATA APP" and enter the required App details

  4. Click "CREATE APP" to create the App

    Note: You will be automatically redirected to the Data App form page


How to configure a Data App

A Data App is a simple form which share the same properties and fields as the FORM block. Learn more about the FORM block.

Widgets and Scheduled Tasks can be customised in the same way as Flow Apps. Learn more about Widgets and Scheduled Tasks.