May 2023 Release Notes

1. Date Calculation Block

We're thrilled to introduce the new Date Calculation Block in Checkbox! This feature provides an easy and convenient way to perform complex date calculations without needing to write any code.

The Date Calculation block enables users to add or subtract time periods from a date variable and calculate the difference between two dates. Users can add or subtract time periods in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.

You can use this block to execute operations such as freezing or locking assessments until a certain date, or conditionally routing end users based on the length of their relationship.

To learn more about the Date Calculation Block, visit our documentation at: 


2. Set Variable Block

We're equally excited to launch our Set Variable Block! This new feature allows you to create and update variables within Checkbox.

With the Set Variable block, you can create a new variable with an initial value or update an existing variable with a new value. The values can range from text, numbers, or dates.

This block can come in handy for various scenarios. For instance, it can be used to update the due date of tasks in a project management app, adjust lead scores in a sales tracking app, or compile a list of comments from agents in a customer service app.

To understand how you can best utilize the Set Variable block, visit our documentation at: 


3. Gifts and Entertainment Policy App Template

We're proud to present our latest addition to our templates gallery: the Gifts and Entertainment Policy App Template!

Our new template empowers your team to determine whether a gift given or received complies with your company's policy, saving valuable time for legal and compliance teams by enabling self-service for gifts and entertainment requests.

The Gifts and Entertainment Policy App offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, where gift-related queries can be quickly processed and resolved, promoting broader business compliance with your company's gifts and entertainment policy.

To access this new template, just try creating a new solution in Checkbox. 


4. User Group Assessment and File Sharing

We’re excited to announce new assessment and file sharing capabilities for user groups. By turning on group sharing at the project team level, user group members can view, edit, and re-assign one another’s assessments.

Additionally, we’ve introduced a new widget filter value under “Owners” called “groups that include [me]”. This new widget filter offers flexibility around which assessments users can see and edit whilst the group sharing permission is on.

For example, team leads who want to see and edit all assessments of members in the user group, will want this new widget filter turned on.

Together with the de-coupled dashboard feature, teams can create useful task management dashboards on Checkbox.

More information can be found at: