Checkbox v1.0, Released on 31/01/2019


Hi there!

It’s a new year, and the Checkbox rocket is taking off faster than ever with our biggest feature release to date!

Read below for an update on of all our new features.



Multi-User Assessment (Workflow)

We understand that many checkbox applications require different parties to complete different aspects of the same assessment, and we are now making this possible.

You can also assign user groups, allowing any user within a specified business unit to accept complete portions of, or all, assessments.

This will enable more complex use cases such as incident reports, purchase approvals, security clearances, and the generation of contracts between numerous parties.

Read the Checkbox Workflow guide here.


User Picker

In the assessment overview, there is now an option available for users to assign the next stage of an assessment to a specific team member, enabling frictionless workflow collaboration between users.

Read the Checkbox User Picker guide here.


Custom List View (Premium Licence Only) *

To allow each team member to holistically view the status of assessments, you can now define a number of custom list views for your team.  

These list views provide an overview on factors such as approval status, incoming assessments, and pending approvals, allowing each team members to see what stage each assessment is in, what tasks are assigned to that particular team member, and if there are any bottlenecks preventing the completion of the assessments.

Read more in our Dashboard guide here.


Expose Variable

This feature allows a user to filter assessment data based on their preferences when creating custom data tables for apps.

Read more in our guide to exposing variables here.


Enhanced DocuSign Integration - Sign Here and Track DocuSign Status

This release will also bring two improvements to our new DocuSign integration.

The first allows you to add multiple signatures for each request signatory, with an improved user experience for faster signing. This will particularly benefit complex agreements where numerous signatures are required.

Our second enhancement integrates our DocuSign status to our new List View functionality, allowing assessment owners to quickly see the status of requested signatures and to download completed documents with ease.

Read more in our DocuSign guide here.


Field Formatting for Dates and Number fields

You can now define the formatting of a field with a greater number of options, including custom date formatting (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY) and numbers formatting (percentages, decimals, commas and prefixes such as currency). This functionality will be available throughout assessments, transcripts, reports and e-mail notifications. 

Read our forms wiki for more information.

Change Variable Name

You can now customise variable names for easier referencing to variables inside of an app, report or list view. For example, if a user’s name input is “TXT4”, the variable can be renamed to “FirstName” for more intuitive logic creation.

Read our wiki on renaming variables here


Automated email notification enhancements

We’ve improved on our new e-mail notification feature introduced in the last release.

Automated email notification enhancements now include the ability to download transcript, download report, or view transcript via URLs included in the email body, so that a user can click the link to view the transcript and download any uploaded files.

Read more in our wiki article on E-mail notifications here.


We hope you’ll enjoy the updated platform, and as always, we love and appreciate your feedback so please keep it coming.

Best wishes from the Checkbox Team!

* Functionality is only available to customers with access to Premium Checkbox features. For queries related to your licence agreement, contact your Checkbox Account Manager.