Checkbox v1.4, Released on 06/06/2019

Please read below for a description of all our new features and updates.


View Transcript Anytime During Assessment

The transcript can now be accessed at any point of an assessment (previously available only at the end) allowing users to view their responses thus far and navigate back if any changes are needed. This improves the user experience significantly for longer assessments when editing or corrections may be required.

JavaScript Block (Premium Licence Only) *

A JavaScript block has been introduced, allowing you to add JavaScript backend code into an app, enabling server-to-server integration with the other systems. We also provide a set of JavaScript APIs to retrieve and update variables in the app.

Read more in our JavaScript wiki page


DocuSign Enhancement - Configuration User Experience

The DocuSign configuration interface has been enhanced, allowing administrators to easily set up a demonstration and production account, and to switch the functionality on or off organisation wide.

Read more in our DocuSign wiki page


“View Own Assessment Only” Permission

Project team permissions have been updated, allowing you to add users with a "View Own Assessment Only” permission. This prevents them from viewing any assessment completed by other team members. This ensures confidentiality for private assessments.

Read more in our project teams wiki


Bulk Assessment - Support for User Picker

We’ve updated the bulk assessment feature, allowing you to assign assessments created in bulk to pre-selected users to complete the remainder of an assessment. The e-mail address of the user to be assigned to the remainder of an assessment can be used to pre-fill any data.

Read more in our Bulk Assessment Wiki

Email Builder - Allow Custom Variable in To field

We’ve improved the automated e-mail functionality by allowing a text or user picker variable to be entered in the ‘to field’ this opens up options like allowing the user to enter an alternate e-mail for the notification to be sent to.

Read more in our e-mail builder wiki


JavaScript Permissions Expanded to Authors

We previously had Javascript limited to administrators only, this has now been updated to allow any user with author permissions to use the Javascript functionality.

Read more in our Javascript wiki


User Experience Enhancements

We’ve made a number of user experience tweaks to improve the studio experience, particularly when designing forms. These include:

  • Tips can now expand by default to ensure the user sees and reads them.
  • Better formatting for variable fields - capitalisation is now shown in the form preview fields.
  • The studio validator has been improved with performance improvements and a more accurate description of errors.  


It’s been an absolute pleasure to see and release these features to you and we hope you’ll love them as much as we do! As always we appreciate your feedback and love being on this journey with you!


Best wishes from the Checkbox Team!


* Functionality is only available to customers on an Premium platform licence. For queries related to your licence agreement, contact your Checkbox Account Manager.