Checkbox v1.27, Released on 29/11/21


1. Document preview enhancements

Let your end users easily examine an accurate document preview before send-off or download. The document preview shown in the VIEW DOC block has now been increased in size and displays at a higher resolution. In addition, end users can now skip to specific pages and zoom in and out of the document being previewed. Page breaks have also been added between each page in the document.

Learn more about the VIEW DOC block.


2. Clickable Assessment rows in your Inbox

End users can now quickly jump into and edit their in-progress Assessments in their Inbox by directly clicking onto the Assessment row without the need to go through the "Actions" column.

Learn more about the Inbox.


3. Fully editable Widgets, Dashboards, and Scheduled Tasks

Make swift changes to your Widgets, Dashboards and Scheduled Tasks even while the Solution version is testing or published. Changes can only be made from the respective Solution and not from the Project Team or Test Team.

Learn more about publishing a Solution version.


4. Direct document attachment in emails

Documents will now be directly attached to emails and will no longer be zipped individually. If the file size exceeds the email limit of 25MB, an error will be displayed to stop the end user from progressing their Assessment and the respective email will not be sent.

Learn more about the EMAIL block.