Checkbox v1.30, Released on 16/3/22


1. Database Enhancements

  • View and manage your connected Database directly in the corresponding App Studio

  • Track the Solution and App dependencies relevant to your Databases to avoid making any breaking changes
  • Retrieve all data from a database via the Database block, removing the need to specify a match condition

  • Delete all Database entries in one go
  • Sort your Database entries by column
  • Filter your Database entries by email or full name (even if first and last names are captured in separate columns)

Note: Usage of the Database premium feature set requires account access to be granted. Please contact your Checkbox Customer Success Manager for more details.

Learn more about Databases and the DATABASE block.


2. CC relevant stakeholders in your emails

CC your colleagues or any relevant stakeholders to your automated emails via the EMAIL block. Emails can be written manually or referenced via a variable in the CC field.

Learn more about EMAIL block.