Checkbox V1.15, Released on 6/05/2020


1. Section Block and Progress Bar

Section blocks will provide users with greater visibility of progress and orientation while in an assessment. With the new Section block, users can now define various sections in their app by customising the section names and adjusting the order of these Section blocks. Inside an assessment, users will see a progress bar at the top of the page showing the name and order of past, current and future sections of the app. 

Learn more about the Section block.


2. ToolTip for Rich Text Editor

Besides the existing tip functionality, we have provided another way to add a tooltip within texts using the rich text editor in paragraphs of FORM blocks. Users can see the contents of the tooltip by hovering their cursor over the text.

Learn how to add Tooltips.


3. Custom Report Name with Variables

Users are now able to customise the file name of Reports generated in the ‘Doc Gen’ block using both static text and variables. Each text or variable will automatically be separated by a hyphen (e.g. NDA-for-Checkbox-01-05-2020.docx). The supported variables types include text, number, date and meta variables.

Learn more about the Document Template Uploads.


4. Option to Turn Off Workflow Notification

Users are now able to disable all workflow notification emails as an option. This can be configured by checking the new “Disable workflow notification emails” box in the Workflow block. Busy users, especially those in executive positions, may prefer to avoid receiving workflow notification emails in their overloaded inboxes to complete assigned workflow tasks. By disabling all workflow email notifications, it is possible to free up their inboxes and, instead, allow users to complete assigned workflow tasks via the app dashboard.

Learn how to turn off workflow notifications.


5. Email Single Report without Zip

A single Report that is attached to an email in the ‘Email’ block will no longer be sent in a zip file and simply be attached to the email in its file format.

Learn more about the Email block.


6. Download Transcript as PDF

Transcripts are now only available to be downloaded as a .pdf file. Transcripts are also attached as .pdf files in emails configured in the “Email” block.

Learn more about Transcripts.