6. Getting Certified!



🎉Congrats on finishing up your app - it's time to get certified!





1. Take the Course Quiz

To get your certification head over to the course quiz:

👉Designer Certification Quiz Link!👈


The submission link will:

         🦾Assess you via a 20 Question Certification Quiz

         👂Gather feedback on the course

         📩Collect your details (so we can email you your certificate)

          ⚙ Generate your certification

(If you score 💯% you'll receive a special certification (you can repeat the quiz as many times as you need)


2. Let the world know!

We would love you to share your certificate with the world!


Letting people know about this course help us not only improve the course, but get more certificate modules developed!


One of the ways you can do this is via LinkedIn - an example post might look something like this:


I'm very excited to announce that I am a Certified Checkbox App Designer!

Throughout the program, I learned how to design, build and deploy my very own no-code Checkbox App.

I would recommend anyone interested in no-code automation to check out Checkbox: checkbox.ai/resources/certifications/

#nocode #automation #checkbox #checkboxcertified



Here's an example of how our CEO, Evan Wong did it:


3. How to add your certification on LinkedIn

Be formally recognised for your certification effort on LinkedIn!

  1. Head over to your profile
  2. Click on "Add Profile Section"
  3. Click on "Background" -> "Licenses & Certifications"
  4. Insert the following and click "Save"


4. Want more?

Looking for another certification to put under your belt?

Consider signing up for our Checkbox Expert Course!

You'll learn how to:

  • Interpret simple business requirements for a Checkbox App;
  • Use basic Checkbox functionality, such as Forms, Emails and Tables, to automate information intake and manipulation;
  • Deploy a functioning Checkbox App to end-users through Project Teams;
  • Use basic workflow functionality to automate a simple multi-user business process;
  • Leverage in-app user inputs to generate an automated bespoke document

Oh - did I mention you get another swanky certificate?