END Block

What is the END block?
Can you have multiple END blocks in an App?
How to configure the END block


What is the END block?

The End block signifies the end of an Assessment and displays a customisable message to end-users, with the option to view and/or download the documents generated in the App.


Can you have multiple END blocks in an App?

Yes. In your App, there can be multiple END blocks to signify the end of an Assessment. This is especially useful for triage tools that will cause end users to follow different paths in the App depending on their previous answers in the Assessment.


How to configure the END block

  1. In the App Studio, drag in an END block and place it where you would like the App to end

  2. Click onto the END block and customise the end message in the textbox (i.e. rich text editor) on the right panel

    Note: The customisable message will appear above the Report and is helpful in giving end-users more guidance.


  3. The option to display a generated document in the App to the end-user can be enabled using the “View Report” toggle.

  4. Select the document that should be displayed to end-users in the dropdown

    Note: Documents must be generated using the Doc Gen block before it is available for viewing by end-users. Learn more about the Rich Style Doc Template or Simple Style Document Builder.


By enabling the steps above, your end users will now be presented with the customised message at the top of the page and the option to download the document. If the Simple Style Document Builder  is used, a preview of the document will be displayed.